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6 Trendy Gifts NOT To Buy For Your Teenagers

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Being a great gift giver is an art that evolves with time, especially when it comes to pleasing the discerning taste of teenagers. The last thing you want is to witness disappointment when your carefully chosen gift falls short of expectations. The transition from a satisfactory gift to one that makes your teen recipient jump for joy can be a tricky path. Trends change swiftly, and what was a hit last year might now be deemed “cringe.” So, let’s navigate the complexities of teenage desires and explore what gifts to avoid and, more importantly, what to get instead.
Recognizing the difficulty in selecting the ideal gift for a teenage sibling, cousin, or child during the holidays is relatable. While scoring Taylor Swift tickets might be a dream, the reality is discovering what truly resonates with them in a landscape that changes faster than the TikTok algorithm.

Identifying what teens consider “cringe” is often easier than predicting their next trend. Microtrends, once covetable, quickly lose their appeal, causing teens to turn away. To ensure you’re on the right track, let’s explore gifts that might induce cringes from your teen and offer alternative suggestions that align with their current preferences.
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  1. Avoid: Apple AirPods, Opt for: Apple AirPods Max

Teens are perpetually connected, seeking refuge in their phones through music, podcasts, and videos. While good headphones are essential, the classic AirPods might feel a bit “finance-bro” for today’s teens. Upgrade their audio experience with the Apple AirPods Max, providing a larger, more immersive over-ear headphone experience.

  1. Skip: LED Strip Lights, Go for: Mushroom Lamp
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Although LED strip lights still have some appeal, teens with refined taste are gravitating toward the trendy mushroom lamp. This decor choice allows them to add their own LED lightbulb for color-changing effects, presenting a more sophisticated ambiance.

  1. Avoid: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, Choose: Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment

Laneige, once a beauty sensation, faced cancellation on TikTok due to animal testing concerns. Stay in the loop with beauty trends by opting for Rhode’s Peptide Lip Treatment, a coveted choice endorsed by influencers like Hailey Bieber.

  1. Pass on: Birkenstock Clogs, Embrace: Platform UGGs

Comfy shoes are a seasonal staple, and the trend has shifted back to UGGs, especially the platform variety. Inspired by influencers like Bella Hadid, platform UGGs have become the latest footwear coveted by teens.

  1. Ditch: NIKE AF1s, Embrace: Adidas Sambas

Shoe trends evolve, and the once ubiquitous Nike AF1s are now considered out. Step into the era of Adidas Sambas, the new must-have sneakers to keep your teen’s footwear game on point.

  1. Forget Hydroflask, Opt for: Stanley Cup
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Every teen needs an emotional support water bottle, but the days of VSCO girls with their Hydroflasks are behind us. TikTok teens now favor the Stanley Cup, ensuring hydration with a touch of style.


Gift-giving for teens requires a keen understanding of their swiftly changing preferences. By avoiding outdated choices and embracing what’s currently cool, you can ensure your gift is met with genuine excitement. Whether it’s upgrading their audio experience, enhancing their beauty routine, or keeping them stylish from head to toe, these gift suggestions aim to make your teen jump for joy during the holidays or any special occasion.

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